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Common Questions

Here are some questions I'm commonly asked. If you have one that's not listed here, by all means contact me and ask. I enjoy answering your questions and explaining to you my design and production process.

How long have you been making jewelry?
Since 1968.

Can you still see what you are doing?
Yes. I started young.

Do you still like what you do?
I love it. After all these years, it is still a thrill to see the final product. And I have the privilege of working with the most wonderful people at a special time and knowing these rings will be with them for the rest of their lives. I feel very lucky.

Where is your store?
I don’t have a store. The way stores work is that they buy things and resell them to you. I make what you buy. We meet at my studio, which is also my workshop. I have a room where we talk and another area where I make your rings.

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Where is your studio? It is in beautiful Stillwater Minnesota. I’ll give you directions when we make an appointment. That way I will know when you are coming. This allows me to organize my time. If you just stop by I may be out to lunch or on an errand or busy making a ring.

Do we have to be rich to afford your work? No.

So how much do you charge? That is hard to explain without showing you everything I do. What I offer is so different from the stores it is hard to compare. Sometimes the cost is more, sometimes less. However, I do not make cheap, lightweight jewelry. I guess you could say my prices are similar to the stores but what you get is far better. Most people are surprised at how reasonably priced my work is.

What are your hours? I am usually available for appointments from nine to five on weekdays and from nine to three on Saturdays. It is also possible to meet in the early evening.

How long will it take you to make our rings? Three weeks is usually enough. More time is nice. Less time is possible. It depends on how busy I am. Please call if that is a concern (like if you are planning to elope next Thursday.) If your wedding is not happening soon it might make sense to come over and see what I have to offer so you can plan ahead.

What if we don’t know what we want? Come on over. Take a look at the pictures and samples. We can talk. I can do some sketches. Then you can go home and think about it. You might want to read the letters from customers. Many of them had no idea what they wanted before they came to see me. They found it to be a really fun and rewarding process. So will you.

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